Monday, April 14, 2014

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If you haven't discovered TANGLED yet you have no idea the fun you're missing.  I will give a heads up, there is a LOT of language.  Drew is an extremely colorful narrator.  .He's also witty, sarcastic, and hilarious.  Drew also narrates HOLY FRIGGING MATRIMONY, a juicy little nugget that takes place between TANGLED & TWISTED. My Thoughts on TANGLED ~ 5 stars Drew Evans is used to getting what he wants and he wants co-worker Kate Brooks.  Kate is having none of it.  She’s beautiful, ambitious, and more than a match for Drew professionally and personally.  She won’t let him get personal, it’s not professional and there are other considerations. TANGLED is a hilariously sarcastic and witty look at the male side of the relationship equation, before and during the pursuit of the object of his affections. When TANGLED opens Drew swears he has the flu.  Before the end of the first page we know the “flu” has a name… Prepare to be charmed while you laugh aloud. Often. Drew is an investment banker at his father’s firm in New York. Don’t be fooled into thinking nepotism. Drew’s earned every penny and accolade.  He works hard and he plays hard.  A bit arrogant yes, but you have to forgive and love him; he’s just so flipping charming.  Drew’s confidence has a flip side he reveals to readers that’s certainly endearing but the clincher for me is his honesty and determination.  Drew’s honest, even when it comes to himself, and he’s willing to do whatever’s necessary to repair the damage from his mistakes.  His humor doesn’t hurt either. Drew’s a love ‘em & leave ‘em kinda guy but he’s not a liar. Women always know where they stand with Drew.  Then he meets Kate.  O’ how the mighty have fallen….. Kate is the worthy recipient of Drew’s lust, love, respect and all those other emotions he’s never experienced before.  She’s an investment banker too; independent, intelligent, and confident.  Kate gives as good as she gets.  Did I mention she’s engaged to her high school sweetheart?  What we see of Kate is filtered through Drew so we don’t come to know her as intimately as we do him. Alexandra and Steven are Drew’s older sister and her husband.  They met in high school and have been together forever. Drew affectionately and a bit fearfully refers to her as, The B***H, holding her in the high esteem befitting an elder sister.  Their interactions are fun and spot on. Mackenzie is Drew’s four year-old niece.  He’s appropriately smitten with and wrapped around this adorable munchkin’s little finger. He’s also funding her college education with the cussing jar. Matthew and Steven, yes Alexandra’s Steven, have been Drew’s friends from boyhood. Billy Warren is Kate’s fiancé DeeDee (Dolores) is Billy’s cousin and Kate’s best friend. DeeDee leans toward border line psycho, but in a good way if you’re friend or family. The secondary characters are entertaining and three dimensional.  You believe they’re siblings and life long friends adding another layer to Drew and charm to the story. I honestly can’t recall the last time I read such a colorful, chattily inclusive look at love from the male perspective.  It’s addictively entertaining.  If you’re looking for a witty, laugh out loud insight into the male psyche look no further: it’s TANGLED. TWISTED is out so if you want to read them at one time you're good to go....HFM has a new cover that will be revealed here Thursday, the 17th.  HRM is a hilarious short that acts a a bridge between TANGLED & TWISTED.

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