Thursday, April 17, 2014

How do y'all feel about audio books?  I'd never listened to one. I once listened to a sample of a series I loved but didn't care for the heroine's voice.  Didn't care for her version of a Southern accent.  That was the extent of my audio book experience.  Last month Jennifer asked if I'd be interested in reviewing any Audible books.  I was leery.  Music, yes...but listening to someone read to me?  Decided to give it a go, expand my horizons & was pleasantly surprised. One of my best friends is a retired English professor so I got all the gory details on the Fitzgerald's & background on SMtW.  Have any of you read or been read SAVE ME THE WALTZ?  Agree or disagree with me?  Cover picture from Amazon. save me the waltz       

SAVE ME THE WALTZ is Zelda Fitzgerald’s (Alabama) thinly veiled autobiography of her life with F. Scott Fitzgerald (David). The audible version begins with the detailed backstory of the novel, including insights into the Fitzgerald’s and their lives. This is the first audio book I’ve ever listened to and the narrator did an excellent job.  Her voice fits the story and style perfectly. I have to confess that if SAVE ME THE WALTZ had been print I’d have never made it past the second chapter.  Yes, people spoke and wrote differently then, and that wasn’t my problem.  Zelda’s writing was too florid.  When someone sounds like they’re writing with a thesaurus, it comes across as trying too hard.  The only reason I made it through was that I was listening, not reading.  That freed me to think about the undercurrents and consider what was really happening.  It’s said there’s three sides to every story.  Being read to, allowed me to consider what that third side might be.  My mind could speculate while the words washed over me. That actually made it enjoyable. For the book itself I’d have to give a 2.5. 
To read it would have fallen into the D(id) N(ot) F(inish) category. Audible version I’d have to give 3.75

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