Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ready for the Holidays & other thoughts...

How is everyone? 
Are you planning big celebrations this year or keeping it low key?
Everything checked off your gift list?

HRH is coming next weekend to decorate our tree. Went thru all the ornaments last weekend and gave each boy those specific to them & kept some. All our ornaments were made for or given to us by loved ones or made by the boys.

I have one gift to finish & another to make, but hopefully these will be done in time. Other than that, done!

Middle & his family will be up after Christmas, so we're having 2 celebrations this year.

Been considering whether to keep doing the blogs in 2019 or not. Still sitting on the fence. If any of you have an opinion on that, please feel free to share.
Those gifts aren't going to make themselves, so back to it.  Y'all Take Care.
Merry Christmas!!!

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