Sunday, October 15, 2017


HRH and I had such an enjoyable time together reading about Doc and Jeffrey's adventures. THE ADVENTURES OF DOC HOLLIDAY HENNINGS reminds me of the stories we read or were read to us. There are some fairly serious issues brought up, but in a way that children should be able to relate to and handle.  HRH had some great questions, and she did enjoy Doc's "handling" of King. There's balance and the illustrations are lovely.  My rating is a 4.

HRH did "read" Doc Holliday to me from what she remembered and the pictures, but every time Papa tried to capture it she stopped. Wish we were able to share that too, but this was the most we could get. Who knew a camera could make Ms. Chatty so quiet.

So, for those who'd like to share Doc and his friends with their young readers, TK and Jennifer have graciously offered a copy for us to give away.  Please comment below (leave your email for contact purposes in case you win) with a favorite book from your childhood, whether read to you or one you read yourself.  Good luck y'all!


  1. This sounds like something little Miss would enjoy thank you.


  2. This does remind me of reading books and having books read to me when growing up. I would have to say my fondest book growing up would have to be The Teacup Whale. Just thinking about it still makes me smile

  3. I still tell my little demons about how much of an impact Watership Down, by Richard Adams, had on me and my brother. When mom would read to us, I could see in my brother's eyes his imagination coming alive. I love seeing that on my children's faces now each time we start a new book. Thanks for the recommendation, Miss Ivy!