Tuesday, July 18, 2017

B.A. Paris' THE BREAKDOWN Review

4.5 stars

B.A. Paris once again takes readers on an intense mental and emotional roller coaster of a read in THE BREAKDOWN.
Cass is not only suffering from guilt over not helping the driver she saw sitting on the side of the road late that stormy night, she’s also afraid she’s developing Early Onset Dementia just like her mother.
She’s caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.
As the forgetful incidents occur more often, and the guilt multiplies when she discovers the identity of the motorist, Cass pulls you deeper into her little corner of hell.
What will this do to her young marriage, her husband Matthew, the life she’s only started living after caring for her mother? Is she losing it? Could she have helped that night or would she too have been a victim? How can she live with the guilt of not having done more? Questions abound for Cass and the reader.
Before you realize it, you’re so immersed you don’t want to come up until the last page has been read. And what a doozy those last pages are. Sly, clever, cunning, subtle, however you choose to say it, that’s THE BREAKDOWN in a nutshell.
Ms. Paris has a knack of making the improbable, probable; and THE BREAKDOWN is as engrossing as BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Ms. Paris' sophomore release has solidified her place on my auto buy list. 

Highly anticipating Ms. Paris' next book!

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