Friday, March 17, 2017


Melly Woodruff has the worst luck with men. Every time another relationship fails, she jumps on a flight to visit a friend and take her mind off her lack of love. On another broken-hearted trip, a fellow passenger gets out of hand and Wes Truitt, the on-board air marshal steps in. It doesn’t take Melly long to remember they’d met before. Because what happens in the airport doesn’t always stay at the airport…


My thoughts
3.5 Stars
Is a sweet “was that first encounter really that special” romance. Wes and Melly met on a flight and connected. Melly waited for a call from Wes, one that never came. Two years and another failed relationship for Melly later their paths cross again on, you guessed it, an airplane.
WHAT HAPPENS AT THE AIRPORT is a quick romantic read incorporating several aspects of modern culture from air marshals on flights to social media and viral videos. Wes, Melly, and their romance are believable and sweet without being twee.

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