Saturday, August 13, 2016

New dogs, old dogs, jobs, and life......

Seriously. What's new in pink & blue with y'all?

We've been in our home a bit over a year now, and I've been in my job about the same. I've learned soooo much in this past year and feel so fortunate to have a wonderful boss and to love my job.  My absence for so long was down to having 1 full time and 2 part time jobs, and no, the blogging and reviewing aren't included in that. It's hectic but fun...
HRH isn't with me 2 afternoons but she's often with Papa those days, thanks to his retirement. At least once a month she has a "sleepover" with Mama. It's a big thrill to her thankfully. We know that's not going to last forever. Here she is at the beginning of the month on an outing with daddy.

DH has retired. It's been quite a change and we're still adjusting. He's becoming a better "housewife". :)
Our youngest went off to college last year and DH thought "we" needed something to take care of. I didn't share the sentiment but wasn't asked until it was a done deal. His need resulted in Talullah. 

These were taken a couple months after we brought her home. She'll be a year old the end of November. She's grown a bit since then. She managed to kill the slipper before it got any of us while we slept and in the other she's begging for ice cream. She scaled DH's legs and made it to his chest and the ice cream. She was rewarded for her climb. Now she can jump into his lap.
Many of you may recall my westie, Riley. It'll be 3 years this Nov. since he passed. He sure put up with a lot, especially when he was old and HRH came along. Can't say I was ready for another dog but it's good Talullah isn't a westie. Right, wrong, or indifferent there'd be comparisons and she'd fall short.


Better get back to work. Please share what you're up to, reading, whatever. Look forward to reconnecting with & hearing from y'all. 

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