Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hoping to be here more and Happy Father's Day

It's been quiet a while since I've had the time to do anything here. Hope y'all have been healthy and content. We bit the bullet and bought a house again, moved, sent the youngest off to college, and I started a new career. Something that never crossed my mind, especially at my age. Life is still keeping us hopping but I hope to have some new content here at least once a month. Maybe even some giveaways.

So, do tell....what y'all been up to? Anything good, life changing, daring?
Would love to hear it...

Here's a blast from last year. HRH with Daddy at the zoo...Still have her a couple afternoons a week. She's something else y'all...
Take Care and looking forward to hearing from y'all...If there's something or someone you'd like to see here, holler. See what can be arranged.
Happy Father's Day!

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