Sunday, July 12, 2015

What's new & what's ahead

Good Morning, y'all. Did every one have a good 4th? We were glad of the extra day off here. Things have been hopping on this end. Youngest graduated & decided on a college. Yay for scholarships. After renting for a few years we found a smaller house we loved. All the work had been done, w/ the exception of a few minor details in the upstairs bath. DH is upstairs now doing that little bit. I can say that because I'm not involved...:) Right before moving I was offered a job. Who could turn that kinda blessing down? My boss works around my HRH schedule & there's a lot to learn but he doesn't expect that to happen overnight. In all honesty it's me that's frustrated that it hasn't been absorbed by osmosis. It's taken longer to get unpacked since the only day I took off was the one we moved & the Friday before the 4th. Work until 1 then pick up HRH & try to get things done with her help. Slow process! Had to get rid of a crapton of books before moving & then more after. From 3 double deep double wide & 1 single double deep to the single, 1 double, & a couple small ones.....It was painful, y'all. Fingers are crossed that things will begin to settle down here soon. Anyway, what's going on w/ y'all? Any life altering events, good news to share, etc? Great authors like Samantha Grace, Julie Ann Walker, Mary Wine, and Heather Boyd along with giveaways are coming up so y'all be sure & check back or sign up. Don't want to miss anything! Here's my new office.....It's a pass through room again but that's all right.
& here's a pic to brighten your day....This was what we met on the road coming home from Lowe's last week...Made me smile, hope it does the same for you.

Y'all have a relaxing Sunday & wonderful week!


  1. Busy times! Your new office looks great. Good luck with the new job, new college for youngest, and of course new house. :-)

  2. Thanks, Glenda! What've you been up to?