Saturday, June 13, 2015


It's always hard to write reviews of books that lost me or that, for whatever reason, I just couldn't like. Especially if I see where others loved it and raved. Makes me wonder what did I miss that they saw? Truth is, it all boils down to personal tastes & preferences. 
So, if any of y'all have read this & loved it, please share your thoughts. 


On the brink of death, the Duke of Milan entrusts his only heir to the church, which is guarding a thousand-year-old secret

It is the early fifteenth century, and the Italian peninsula is ravaged by war. While Milan fights for its political and economic life, Duke Filippo Maria Visconti lies on his deathbed with no heir to succeed him. But the old nobleman has a secret: He has a son.

Visconti hands over the one-year-old child to the archdeacon Onorio, who agrees to keep him safe. Little does young Niccolò know that when he comes of age, he will inherit the great Visconti fortune and become the city’s next duke.

Years later, in the shadows of a new cathedral, the members of a secret brotherhood practice alchemy and plot court intrigues, working to fulfill the ancient prophecy of the goddess Belisama. The brothers, sustained by blind faith, will do whatever it takes to achieve their Grande Opera, but first they need peace in the city, and Niccolò is the only one who can help. But when he starts to witness mysterious rites and killings, Niccolò will be forced to reconsider his destiny. (Synopsis from Amazon)

My thoughts...2.5 stars
The premise for THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT easily drew me in. Historical novels of all stripes are a favorite. However, there’s a fine line between providing readers with enough detail to invoke a strong sense of place and immediacy versus bogging them down with minutia and losing their interest. It’s a difficult balancing act and sadly one that isn’t pulled off in THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT. 

THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT is cluttered with too many unnecessary details and too much information. Ms. Piazza’s research and knowledge are evident. There’s a lot of fascinating history she’s building on but it and the characters get lost in the inundation. Unfortunately, so did my interest. 

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