Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Introducing BACHELORETTE FOR SALE & Gail Chianese

Movement outside the exterior glass doors caught Cherry’s attention. “Mama mia, that’s some serious testosterone heading this way.”

What was it about men in tuxes, especially those who wore them as casually as they would their birthday suits? Primitive, instinctual, internal responses stirred to life inside her, whether she wanted them to or not. Down, girl. Something about the men, their presence, the way they walked, those amazing shoulders, told her these two would be comfortable in anything, but a suit would be their last choice. Nothing at all would be fine with her. But still, they didn’t fit in here. A ball game, yeah. A ballroom, no.

“I want the blond. You can have tall, dark, and spiky,” Tawny whispered before they reached hearing range.

It was good to know she wasn’t alone in her reaction, yet Cherry shook her head and mouthed “no thanks.”

“We could flip a coin. Rock, paper, scissors, Spock, lizard. Winner gets first choice.”

“You always cheat. Besides, I get the feeling with those two, there is no loser.” Pushing her inappropriate thoughts aside, Cherry slipped on her game face. “Welcome to the Providence West End Community Center Gala and Celebrity Auction. Can I have your names, please?”

“Valentine,” answered tall, dark, and spiky.
This sparkling debut dives right in to everything funny, flirty, and fiery about modern dating with the tale of a sexy singles auction that comes with the prize of a lifetime…
As far as Cherry Ryan is concerned, the bright lights of Hollywood are nothing but glare after her heart is broken on a reality show for millions to see. Instead she’s throwing herself into fundraising for the local community center that was a priceless lifeline to her as a kid. But when a volunteer for the singles auction bails at the last minute, Cherry finds herself on the block—and sold to Jason Valentine, a handsome contractor with a gorgeous body—and a really bad attitude about her days in the limelight…
Cherry soon finds that Jason’s more than eye candy, and not entirely sweet—especially his quest to win the bid for the center’s renovation. Mixing business with pleasure doesn’t seem like such a good idea—until Jason has a chance to reveal the big heart beneath his surly exterior. Cherry’s falling for him hard, but trust isn’t easy when you’ve been burned. To conquer her fears will take a giant leap of faith—straight into the spotlight again…

Author bio.:
Gail Chianese's love of reading began at the tender age of three, when she'd make her grandpa read Fourteen Country Rabbits over and over and over again (and correct him when he skipped parts). While she's branched out over the years by reading mystery, women’s fiction, and urban fantasy, she always circles back to romance in the end. That's probably because she's married to her real life hero. Her wonderful hubby has served in the US Navy for the past twenty two years and he’s done things he can’t tell her about. But it doesn’t stop her from being extremely proud of him and the sacrifices he makes for her, his family, and his country. He’s also uber-supportive of her dreams and of their three children. Living in Mystic, CT and a member of Connecticut Romance Writers of America, Gail loves to hear from readers. Visit her online at, follow her on Twitter @Gail_Chianese, or send her an e mail at

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