Tuesday, June 2, 2015


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Everyone has at least one “what if”, no one is immune, especially in regards to relationships. Due to an accident, Jennifer Wright has a chance to experience what could have been if she’d chosen differently at three pivotal points in her life about three diverse men, Aidan, Tim, and Steve.
Travel along with Jennifer as she has her “what could have been’s” answered.

What an exciting opportunity it would be to experience what your life would have been had you chosen otherwise. Would you come out the other side appreciating what you have even more or regretting where your decisions led you? If the latter would you have the gumption to change it?

If you have trouble keeping up with stories that jump about in time you’ll want to set aside some time to devote to distraction free reading. However, the time shifts had headers and were easy to follow. Personally speaking, once started, IF YOU’RE NOT THE ONE was difficult to put down. Subtle character personality shifts and adapted events in Jennifer’s alternate lives makes each as believable as her present with Max, despite the reality of how they’re being lived. Best of all, this isn’t a rose colored glasses look at what may have been for Jennifer.

Frankly, I found it impossible not to consider my own personal might have been’s, however fleetingly, making IF YOU’RE NOT THE ONE an especially poignant reading experience. Though the premise might not be original I thought its presentation was provocative but the ingenious and completely unexpected ending was the five star clincher for me. Personally I keep waffling on whether a few more paragraphs, possibly a chapter, would have been preferred or not. Either way, I’ll be thinking about Jennifer and her future for quite a while.
Kudos, Ms. Forte.

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