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Character Interview w/ Donovan Hart of A GENTLEMAN'S FATE & Giveaway

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Title: A Gentleman's Fate (Volume 4)
Series: The Gentleman's Series
Author: A.J. Linn
Genre: Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2015
Cover Design: Dancinee Jennings
The story continues for the handsome reformed Malibu playboy, Donovan Hart, in this, the fourth and final installment of A Gentleman's Series. Donovan, a hotel and adult club owner, decided that it was time to file away his players card in search of the elusive one, in the first book in the series, A Gentleman's Affair. He was certain that he had found that in interior designer, Scarlett Montgomery, but Scarlett had a past, and that past would soon threaten their perfect union. How far will he go to fight for his Unico Vero Amore?
Beware of unexpected twists and heartbreaking turns.
Just when you think you know what's next, you will probably be wrong.
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"Good morning, sire, it's good to have you back. How was Venice?" Patrice asks as I fly past her desk, walking straight into my office, slamming the door behind me.
But that doesn't stop her. She barges in with hot coffee, making herself comfortable in the black leather chair near my desk. "Okay, spill it. What's going on?"
"Not now, Patrice," I reply dismissively, switching on my computer.
In a daze, my eyes are fixed on the blank screen. I’m trying to avoid the inevitable conversation, and trying even harder to ignore her. She sets the cup down on my desk, softening her voice to almost a whisper, asking once again, "Donovan, what's going on?"
"Don't you have work to do?" I snap.
"Yes sir, I suppose I do," she snaps back defensively as she gets up from her chair, mumbling the word asshole under her breath as she heads towards the door.
"I heard that," I respond, somehow managing to muster up a slight chuckle. "I apologize, alright? Sit back down."
"Accepted. Now, are you gonna tell me what's got you in such a pissy mood?"
"In a nutshell...she did it again."
"She? She who? Scarlett?"
"Yes, Scarlett."
And there it is. The look that I was trying so hard to avoid. The poor-Donnie, sad-eyed, frowny-faced look that I know I'll get every single time that I tell this fucking story. Perhaps I can just handle this in one fell swoop, and have Patrice send out a mass memo describing the details of the nightmare-in-Venice, fucking-kill-me-now debacle.
"I don't get it, Donovan. She was the one that propo...."
"Please, don't even say it. I really don't want to get into this right now. Alright?"
"Sure, okay, Donnie. Can I do anything for you?"
She gets up again to leave, but pauses twice before reaching the door. I can see that she's searching for the right thing to say. Something...anything...to lighten the mood, to cheer me up, to lessen the blow of what Scarlett has done, now twice...as if anything could. But I just want her to leave.
"You know she loves you, right? Do you want me to talk to her? I'm sure I can..."
I interrupt before she can say anything else. "Not another goddamn word about it, understand? Now, I have work to do."
"Fine, for now. But you'll have to talk about it at some point, you know.”
I continue to stare at the still-blank computer screen, waving her away.
Defeated, for now, at last she leaves, closing the door behind her.
The clock on the wall seems to be ticking slower than usual. I've been here for three hours, and am finding it impossible to concentrate, especially with my cell going off every ten minutes with calls and text messages from Scarlett. I'm not ready to talk to her, and to be honest, I don't know if I ever will be. I don't know if I even care at this point. Although I’m slightly curious, I really have no idea what we have to talk about anymore.
I need to get out of this hotel and clear my head. I knew coming here straight from the airport was probably a mistake, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Better than sitting in that penthouse, alone, with nothing but the all-too-fresh memories of yet another Scarlett-related nightmare to keep me company.
Placing my cell phone in the top drawer of my desk, I change out of my monkey suit and into the spare set of clothes that I keep in the closet of my office. Stopping by Patrice's desk on my way out, I let her know that I'm leaving for the rest of the day, and that I don't want to be bothered, by anyone...no matter what's on fire.
"Are you okay?" she asks, still pushing, hoping for some sort of verbal spillage on the details of my Venetian vacation.
"No, but I will be."
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Summary of The Gentleman’s Series - All Four Books
In A Gentleman's Affair, (volume 1) we met the handsome Malibu playboy, Donovan Hart, the entitled, notorious heartbreaker, who would rather spend his days on the beach than in the office. He had his pick of the most beautiful women in Malibu, and had no intention of settling down. But tragic events would change all that and force him to make serious changes in his life. Donovan goes from player to entrepreneur overnight, and finding love...surprisingly... becomes a high priority. That, and opening the first adult club in Malibu.
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A Gentleman's Affair (Book 1)
In A Gentleman's Secret, (volume 2) Donovan's story continues, as he faces more challenges when it comes to affairs of the heart, opens a new hotel in Las Vegas, and discovers that his girl may have even more secrets to keep than he does. Will love endure?
A Gentleman's Secret- Front RGB
A Gentleman's Secret (Book 2)
A Gentleman's Memoir (volume 3) is a flashback of Donovan’s life. This prequel gives you an intimate look into his past and takes you on his journey into the adult world where anything goes...and it usually does.
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A Gentleman's Memoir (Book 3)
about the author
A.J. Linn published his debut novel, A Gentleman's Affair, Volume 1 of The Gentleman's Series, in May, 2013.
Since that time, he has continued protagonist Donovan Hart's story in A Gentleman's Secret, published in December, 2013, and revealed Donovan's earlier life in a prequel, A Gentleman's Memoir, a novella published in August, 2014.
The series quickly became very popular with fans of his RP/character blog, which he'd been writing for almost a year. He credits those fans with this series, since they were the ones who encouraged him to "write a book" and dedicated the books to them.
With his unique voice and writing style, the popularity of the series began to grow, despite the promotion and marketing challenges facing a self-published indie author.
In an original and creative idea, he gave his readers the opportunity to submit "characters" for A Gentleman's Secret and A Gentleman's Memoir, which he crafted into the story. The results were intriguing and sometimes hilarious, as he paid the ultimate compliment to his fans and readers...making their characters part of Donovan's story.
While having full-time job and a very busy life make finding time to write a challenge at times, his readers are in agreement that he has done a fantastic job: four books in two years is quite an accomplishment.
The paperback editions of the series can be found on Amazon. The ebooks are available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.
character interview
Get to know the sexy playboy from Malibu a little bit better.
What is your favorite thing about living at La Fuga? and what is your LEAST favorite thing about living there?
Favorite: Food at all times.
Least: Patrice up my ass 24/7.
You gave us a glimpse into your younger years. What was the craziest thing you remember doing when you were a kid? How old were you and how much trouble did you get into for doing it?
Probably spray painting a skull and crossbones on my dad’s car when I was ten. It was a work of art, and who leaves spray paint out for kids to get a hold of anyway?
If you didn’t live in Malibu, where would you want to live?
Venice, Italy
What is the fetish that intrigues you the most?
They all (within reason) do really. To be able to explore a different side of yourself is intriguing in itself, no?
For more of this interview please see the author's website.
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