Saturday, May 2, 2015


Ms. DeStefano takes us back to Chandlerville, Ga. to bring readers their second chance at love story. We first learned of Selena and Oliver in Here in My Heart. Their issues spilled over and affected the lives of many and Brad played a major role as Oliver’s best friend. I confess that once I’d learned a bit about that fateful night my curiosity was in overdrive. Ms. Destefano has made LET ME LOVE YOU AGAIN well worth the wait.

Oliver has done well for himself in the world of advanced computer tech. He makes a small fortune cleaning up computer issues for companies and moves almost constantly. When Joe, his foster father, has a heart attack Oliver returns to the one place he’s been avoiding like the plague, Chandlerville.
Serena married Parker, a rich New York businessman, who could give her and Camille everything money could buy….but money can’t buy what they really want and need. Serena is back in Chandlerville and in the midst of a divorce that Parker’s fighting tooth and nail.

LET ME LOVE YOU AGAIN is so much more than a second chance for Oliver and Selena. There are plenty of second chances, reconnections, and home truths to go around. It’s emotionally intense without being sappy or whiney, thank goodness. While Selena and Oliver are the main characters, LET ME LOVE YOU AGAIN encompasses their families also, so the story arcs and characters continue to evolve and grow chronologically.
Thus far the Echoes of the Heart series has dealt with serious issues such as child predators, addiction, and single parenting with respect, heart, hope, and optimism. IMHO, it’s one of the most realistic romance series available; in fact, it isn’t hard to imagine it being the basis of a television series.

4 Stars
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