Saturday, May 9, 2015


My thoughts....4.5 stars
Mellie (Melinda Smithson) is a blue stocking with a penchant for science and has a muslin bleaching formula and cosmetic cream under her belt. But Mellie wants more. She wants the money from her cream sales in her name only (so not done and seriously, what a scandalous thought), freedom and independence (such dangerous desires, is it her mother’s madness coming out?) to marry for love (and that vehemently excludes her cousin Ronnie). Mellie wants the picket fence, 2.5 kids, and pet.  When she looks at Trevor’s scheme it’s logically sound and on the surface seems to be the answer to both their dilemmas. Problem is once emotions are brought into play logic tends to fly out the window.
Trevor comes to Mr. Smithson and Mellie’s home to escape, creditors mainly, after being cut off by his grandfather. Mellie’s desperation to escape marriage to Ronnie and be the mistress of her own fortune and future sets his mental wheels aturnin’ and everything becomes crystal clear….He and Mellie can help each other attain their goals, easy peasy. Since they really don’t even like each other, parting and breaking the engagement once each has obtained their objective will be simple and allow Mellie to save face. As a gentleman he can do nothing less, after all, it is part of his code.

What was it Burns said?  “The best laid schemes of mice and men…..”

50 WAYS TO RUIN A RAKE is my first Jade Lee. If I had to try and encapsulate Mellie and Trevor’s pothole filled path in one word it would have to be effervescent. Reading is the perfect entertainment. It also educates, elucidates, illuminates, and my personal favorite, provides an escape from life’s stresses.
50 WAYS TO RUIN A RAKE was the perfect read at the perfect time for me. Snappy and clever applies not only to the dialog but the plot and characters too. The madcap misadventures of Mellie and Trevor sparkled and brought me much needed levity. Intelligent humor, or at least my definition of it, isn’t always thick on the ground so it’s always gratifying to discover it, especially by happenstance at just the right time. If this is an unusual departure for Ms. Lee my fingers and toes are crossed that she plans to make it habitual…….I’m still grinning.  

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