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Anna DeStefano's LET ME LOVE YOU AGAIN excerpt & Vintage Log Cabin Quilt Giveaway

Selena Rosenthal left behind her high school sweetheart, who was the love of her life, seven years ago.

Now, she and the once-rebellious Oliver Bowman are back in Chandlerville—after his foster father’s heart attack and Selena’s contentious divorce—to deal with her secrets, the recklessness that caused their breakup, and the almost-strangers they’ve become to each other and their families.

As soon as his father is stronger, Oliver must return to the successful career that helps support a new generation of foster kids. But he’s falling for Selena again, her daughter has a hold on his heart, and he can’t imagine leaving behind his brothers and sisters once again.

More attached by the day to their charming hometown and families, Selena and Oliver fall in love for the second time.

Has fate brought Chandlerville’s prodigal children together again…this time forever?

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Oliver and Selena’s second-chance love is one of the most special things I’ve written. Complex and authentic, timeless and unique to the mistakes they made long ago. They’ve never forgotten each other, no matter how hard they’ve tried. But the power of finding each other again is the truth neither is prepared to faced. And that’s where we pick up their story, experiencing the rush and exhilaration and poignant passion of young love, watching it mature into the kind of a soul-deep connection that can last a lifetime. Take a look…

You kissed me the other night,” Oliver said. “You agreed to talk things through. Then I don’t hear from you for over twenty-four hours. I’m turning myself inside out, destroying potential business opportunities to stay in Chandlerville for my parents—and for you and Camille now.” Staying for himself. Leaving felt more impossible by the hour. Though everyone, including Selena, knew leaving was what he’d have to do eventually. “Hell, Camille’s already figured out most of it for herself. And I bet you’re still trying to think of a way to talk to her, deal with who her father is, without dealing with whatever it is you’re feeling about me. Meanwhile, we can barely keep our hands off each other whenever we’re alone together.”
Resentment, resignation, and then acceptance rolled across Selena’s features. She smoothed both palms down her thighs, drawing his attention back to her toned, trim body. She looked like she could run for days. But she couldn’t run from them now.
He found himself closer. He reached for her shoulders. He held fast when she went to pull away.
“You don’t distrust me nearly as much as you want to.” It had been a stunning conclusion he’d come to somewhere in the middle of last night, puzzling over why she hadn’t called or texted him back. “And you don’t like it one damn bit.”
“No,” she admitted. “I don’t.”
“You’ve wanted me far away from you from the start,” he said, “not just because of your daughter. This has never been entirely about Camille, has it?”
“Of course not.”
“Because you still feel guilty about things you did seven years ago?” He knew better. But he needed to know she did, too.
Selena shook her head, looking like she despised him for his honesty.
He aligned their bodies until Selena’s heart beat next to his. She was still warm from her run. She was looking up at him, seeing and feeling him. She was soft against him, like she’d been a lifetime ago, like the dreams of her that had come to him ever since.
“Because you wouldn’t have been able to stay away from me whether Camille was involved or not,” he said, “and it terrifies you, what that could mean. There’s something in you for me, Selena Rosenthal. There’s something between us still.”
She agreed silently, as if the words wouldn’t find her.
“And you don’t want to trust me again,” he repeated. “Even if this—you and me—could be a part of making Camille feel safe and happy…”

Will their second-chance love be a dream come true?

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Award-winning Author of the Seasons of the Heart and Echoes of the Heart series.
Anna DeStefano is the award-winning, nationally bestselling author of more than twenty-five books, including the Mimosa Lane novels and the Atlanta Heroes series. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, she's lived in the South her entire life. Her background as a care provider and adult educator in the world of crisis and grief recovery lends itself to the deeper psychological themes of every story she writes. A wife and mother, she currently writes in a charming northeast suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, not all that different from her characters' beloved Chandlerville. She is also a workshop and keynote speaker, a writing coach, and a freelance editor.
Get to know Anna at and the Anna DeStefano: Author page on Facebook, where she shares her inspirations, her challenges, a healthy dose of honest optimism, and tidbits about upcoming projects.


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