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Shelley K. Wall's NEED ME

Readers fell in love with Abby’s business partner in Text Me. Caroline was quirky and filled with energy and sass. There were more than a few hints that her story needed to be told. In book three of the series, Caroline returns home after a failed attempt to follow in her father’s footsteps as a news journalist. She learns how easy it is to start down a new path only to find that the old path still needs to be explored.
Roger pulled the door open and stepped into the yard. The dog shot him gooey help-me eyes from the depths of the demolished chair. The water hose had saturated his T-shirt to a nice body-clinging fit, and Caroline found it impossible not to stare. He reached up and tugged the sucking fabric free from his abs. It peeled from his back like scorched skin from a sunburn, unwilling to release its hold. Her breath hitched as the sun glanced across his back and highlighted the roundness of his shoulders under the transparency of wet cotton.

She grabbed her camera from the counter and raised it to her eye. Click. Click. Click. He bent over and eased each paw free and walked Conan from the debris of her former sunbathing chair. Click. Click. She should have asked before taking the pictures, but the moment was perfect. This big burly student saving his pet from misery. Epic.
“Sorry about that. ... I guess I owe you a chair now. And a flower pot. I should have left him at home. He tends to tear things up when he gets excited.” The dog planted his ass next to Roger and panted, unconcerned about the fate of the chair. Roger rotated toward Caroline and stopped as he teetered to balance on his bent legs. Click. She snapped one last shot of him squinting through a morning burst of light.

“You’re taking pictures.”
She shrugged. “Yes, is that okay? He’s just such a great animal. I’m a journalism major, and I’m always looking for subjects that appeal to our emotions. He’s perfect.”
“You’re taking pictures of me.”
Busted. She shrugged. “Um, yeah, and the dog.”
He strode toward her with a hand outstretched. “Give me the camera.”
Uh–oh. Was he mad? Would he delete all the images? She swallowed. “I’m sorry—I should have asked.” She handed over the camera.
He grinned and looked at the display, scrolling through each frame. “You’re good. I like them.”
Caroline shrugged. “I take pictures for events as a side job to pay my rent.”
He lifted the camera and pointed her way. Click. He moved to her side. Click. “It’s only fair to have you in the frame, too. After all, how can you accurately record something if you’re not there? Right?”
She nodded and bathed in his smile. Whatever you say, Mr. Chocolate Eye Candy. “Right.”
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Aspiring journalist Caroline Sanders doesn’t have time for frat parties and college keggers—not even when the gorgeous Roger Freeman climbs into her car
unexpectedly one night on campus. The two are inexplicably drawn together but when Caroline’s offered a prestigious internship that could lead to a job at The New York Times, she leaves Roger behind for more serious prospects. Six years later, back home and starting a new career as a florist, she’s shocked to run into Roger again. He’s never forgotten the girl who left him to find herself, though he’s certainly tried. As the two begin seeing each other and grow closer, he finds it impossible to resist falling for her once more. What he doesn’t know is that Caroline’s life over the last few years has been filled with tragedy, and the adventurous and exciting woman he remembers is all but gone. Is Roger ready to risk his heart again, and is Caroline ready to trust him with her story?

Shelley K. Wall was born near Kansas City, the middle daughter of three. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with additional post graduate work there and at the University of Wyoming extension in Casper. She also holds a length career in Information Technology.

Her first release, Numbers Never Lie, debuted in 2012 and was an Amazon Bestseller. Other titles include Bring It On(2012), The Designated Drivers’ Club(2012), Flood Flash and Pheromones(2013), Chloe’s Secret(2013), Text Me(2014), and her latest release Find Me.

Shelley enjoys writing characters that deal with drama in a humorous way, situations that are believable even if intense, heroes and heroines that aren’t perfect, and villains that may have an inkling of redemption hidden away.



Twitter: @skwallbooks

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