Monday, February 2, 2015


Miranda, ghostwriter to the stars and wanna be erotica author pens a BDSM manuscript. She mistakenly sends it to her sister Lindy rather than her editor, Linda. When she realizes her mistake she asks Lindy for the manuscript and to keep it quiet. Lindy, enamored and impressed by Miranda’s tale, has sent it to billionaire publishing mogul, Robert Hartwell.

Fearing the loss of her reputation and livelihood Miranda takes the bull by the horns. She arranges a meeting with Robert to request the return of her errant manuscript. Miranda’s unaware Robert has read Unraveled. He has questions and conditions for Miranda if she wants Unraveled back..

Not sure how BDSM fanciers will feel about the scenes between Robert and Miranda. Maybe it’s my lack of understanding regarding BDSM but I found them to be on the mean, cold side and not the least bit tempting. What interested me was the mental and emotional dynamics between them, not the sex scenes. I’m aware they’re intertwined but the sex scenes leaned more toward pain and humiliation which left me searching for the all too rare glimpse of tenderness or affection in their other interactions.

Robert, as a hero, held no appeal for me. I didn’t find him likeable or tragically flawed but redeemable, nothing that I could relate to or find attractive. He came across as selfish, cold, and borderline cruel.

Unlike unnamed heroines in this genre, Miranda at least had a backbone and mouth to begin with. My feelings for Robert made it hard for me to understand why she’d subject herself to him or his tests.

Despite the perfect fairy tale love image portrayed of Robert and his first wife, Georgiana, there’s the pervasive sense of the image hiding a darkness. The mystery and tragedy of Georgiana and their marriage is the thread that kept me hanging in there.

As much as I wanted to like UNRAVELED BY HIM, I couldn’t.

2 stars

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