Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lucy Kendall #2 SEE THEM RUN Review

My thoughts....4.5 stars

Lucy Kendall is back and doing her vigilante best to bring her own brand of justice to those who harm children. All Good Deeds hinted at a huge, deeply buried network involved in selling children. For Lucy that’s like waving a red flag in a bull’s face. Lucy’s goal is two pronged, find the head of this hydra and remove it thus bringing an end to the ring. Now that Todd suspects Lucy of being involved, at the least, in certain deaths will she attempt to accomplish her plan on the right side of the law?

Chris, Kelly, Todd, and Justin, the gang’s all here and involved, whether Lucy likes it or not. When she goes undercover at an upscale spa and her best, albeit reluctant, informant is murdered Lucy becomes suspect #1. This time Lucy just might be in way over her head.

Once again Ms. Green deftly leads readers down a primrose path liberally strewn with red herrings. While I have my suspicions about who is doing what I’m never certain and there’s always a wicked twist thrown in. The ending satisfies while leaving readers wondering “what & who the frill???”, but in an exciting “can’t wait for the next book” way rather than a frustrating cliff-hanger.

The inability to completely solve the mystery combined with realistically complex characters is what makes Ms. Green’s books so addictive. SEE THEM RUN is no exception.

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