Sunday, February 15, 2015


Let's welcome Jennifer to the Nook.  I'll have my review of HOT IRISH LASS up in a week or so. Until then....

Hot Irish Lass…

Throughout the year we celebrate many things, from Christmas to Independence Day, from Thanksgiving to Memorial Day. No matter the occasion, there is one underlying element that ties them all together—love. Love of family, of friends, of county. Love for those who’ve died protecting us. Love for mothers. Love for fathers.

As I thought about different subjects to blog on, I considered cute little recipes about mixing up a Southern bachelor with an Irish lass, adding a shot of danger, and turning up the heat. I thought about Princess Bride funnies and other interesting moments that James and Cierra share on their roller coaster ride to love. But what happened as I started writing the words on the page, was completely different.

I came to the reason of why I write stories. Celebrating love and hope is what drives me to write stories--no matter the genre. From historical, to paranormal, to suspense, to sexy, falling in love, choosing to love, and showing love in very special ways, is the common thread through all of my books. And in this age of so many mixed ideas of what love is, I hope to show that respect and unselfish giving pave the way to real excitement and amazing passion between two people.

Hot Irish Lass is the newest story in my Weldon Brothers Series. With his brothers either married or engaged, James feels he is the last bastion of bachelorhood in the South and he plans to stay that way. He’s been a man racing the devil for a place in hell on many levels. Subconsciously running from the secrets he’s too afraid to share. Premonitions of death that leave him floundering for a grip. Unfortunately…or actually fortunately, he puts his life on the line for Cierra. In the fight to save her from the horrible fate he envisioned, he loses his heart to her, and takes their love to the limit.

Each of the Weldon brothers and their parents’ path to love in the series is different. Jesse’s story started with an explosion of passion held in check for too many years. Jackson’s demons from a tragic past kept him a prisoner, until love wrapped around his broken life. Jared collided with Rocky in a bar room brawl. John went AWOL in Vietnam to save Emma. And James fell faster than them all.

So from me to you, I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day and will treat yourself to some Southern Steam, or any of my other stories about love and hope. You can read excerpts of them all at

I will give away three free copies of my book today for anyone who posts here. Also anyone who tweets about finding Hot Irish Lass on Ivy’s blog to @jennifer_saints will be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

Tell me what you did for Valentine’s Day?


James Weldon likes fast rides, wild women, and to party hard—they go a long
way to help him forget the premonition curse he is under. He’s a tried and true bachelor who’s not about to lose his Free Bird kahunas like his brothers. He’s been on a hiatus helping his father after the old man’s brush with death. But his plans to get back into the game at a blow-out St. Patrick’s Day party go awry. James not only can’t find his bachelor’s groove because a certain Irish lass by the name of Cierra Weldon has him off kilter, but he gets hijacked from his Savannah home to Manhattan by his brother’s top security investigator. They want him to determine if that Irish Lass has ties to terrorists. James knows Cierra is a lot of things, perfect being one of them, but she is not a terrorist. That doesn’t mean she isn’t being used by one. Her association to billionaire Sheik Hassan al Zayed puts her under suspicion.

The moment James hits New York and connects with Cierra, a whirlwind of events unfold– one of them being a premonition about Cierra. He fears for her life and finds himself sacrificing everything to keep her safe. Even his heart that she somehow managed to steal when he wasn’t looking.

Horses are Cierra Weldon’s life. She may have grown up privileged in a castle-like estate in Ireland, but life hasn’t been necessarily easy. When she was sixteen, her parents were killed in a car accident. She took over running her father’s racing and stud farm then and now, after eight years, she is looking to expand by establishing a breeding and training farm in the United States—mainly to escape her FOUR overbearing, overprotective brothers. She hasn’t found the right place. Her current troubles started when she told Hassan she wasn’t interested in his gilded cage. She was stalked, attacked, and now her prized racehorse in Ireland has been stolen. She’s sure Hassan’s behind it, trying to show her how much she needs him.

She concocts a fake engagement with James, hoping Hassan will see she’s taken, and “miraculously find” her stolen horse for her.
James shows up. Not only does her world go to hell in a handbasket, but her heart falls hard for a man who thinks commitment is a prison sentence.

They say life can change in a blink of an eye. What can happen in seventy-two hours?  


  1. I hung out with my daughter and we went to Olive Garden and watched scary movies. LOL.

  2. Our wind chills were in the negative 20's so we stayed home...:)

  3. OMG That is cold! So you had a warm and cozy night. Finally got here after what I can only describe as technical difficulties lol. I stayed home as well and watched my paranormal Book, Touch a Dark Wolf climb the Amazon's free Bestseller list after putting an ad in Bookbub for it. We went to # 5 in the Amazon Store! Which was an awesome treat for Valentines Day. ;)

  4. I had a quiet valentines at home. Takeaway & a DVD - it was perfect.

  5. My hubby and I had a laid back weekend with our 5 children. We ate pizza and chocolates as well :)

  6. We're still in Louisville - at airport now and flight is still on time despite bitter cold and at least 6 inches of snow! We did a tour and dinner at a historic distillery with friends!