Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FURY OF OBSESSION w/ morning person Coreene Callahan

I’m a morning person, pure and simple. So when I tell people I get up every day at 5 a.m. to write, I am invariably treated to incredulous looks, and even a few “Are you crazy?” comments.

Maybe I am. Then again, maybe not.

My imagination is alive early in the day. From the moment I open my eyes, the story I’m writing comes to life inside my mind. It’s like being possessed in a way as the characters take shape and form, begin talking to each other and to me. I think, perhaps, it has something to do with a quiet house and the absolute stillness before the world awakens. Whatever the case, I’ve thrived in that peaceful, solitary space ever since I was a child.

When I was thirteen, I remember tiptoeing downstairs before the house stirred. While my family lay dreaming, I buried my nose in a textbook about Medieval history. Alive in those pages were knights on horseback, castles with lords and ladies, and on a page near the center of the book, a dragon. I can still see it in my mind’s eye. Still recapture the moment my imagination took flight, and I believed dragons might truly exist.

It’s no great surprise then, that I have come full circle and am now telling stories about a race of dragon-shifters living in secret among us. The seed for my Dragonfury novels, and the intense group of half-human, half-dragon warriors portrayed in them, was planted that day, in the dark moments before dawn. While writing Fury of Obsession, the fifth book in the series, I found myself reconnecting with the thirteen year old still lurking somewhere inside me.

In retrospect, she never minded getting up early. And neither do I, especially when I get to slip inside a world inhabited by dragons every day.

Dragon-warrior Venom lives in self-imposed isolation. Cursed by his toxic touch, he is deadly to anyone who has contact with him for too long. Set apart from others and hounded by intense loneliness, he craves the lasting connection he believes he cannot possess. Until a chance encounter with a sultry mortal offers a ray of hope…

Evelyn Foxe is the woman of Venom’s every desire, but she’s too busy running from the Russian mob to think about love. As she accepts Venom’s offer to help her escape her precarious situation, she’s skeptical, afraid that he’s in league with those sent to harm her. But when a biological weapon is unleashed in her hometown, Evelyn is forced to trust Venom—or risk the dangers of going it alone.

Will they survive the firestorm that rages around them? And can they pull from the ashes a love that will defy all the odds and last through the ages?

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Coreene Callahan, author of the Dragonfury Novels and the Circle of Seven series, is a rabid hockey fan with a love of the great outdoors. More comfortable on a ski slope than in a shopping mall, she spends her days dreaming up and writing high-octane, action-packed paranormal romances. Visit her on the web at www.CoreeneCallahan.com

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