Tuesday, February 17, 2015


3 stars

I spent a good part of BELOW THE BELT confused. This is the third book in the series and all the characters, including Tony and Francesca, seem to have a well established history. It was a struggle to keep the many characters and their intertwined relationships straight. As such it was difficult to make a connection and relate to them. Tony, especially after his first connection with Francesca, came across as boorish rather than alpha. After this it was hard for me to fathom his appeal to Francesca.

There are some series where individual titles can be read as stand alones; Worth the Fight series isn’t in that category for me.

I can certainly see the appeal of the series but personally it’s one that I would have to start at the beginning to fully appreciate.

For that reason I’m giving BELOW THE BELT 3 stars since the fault lies not with the book, but with my starting with the third instead of the first.

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