Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sylvain Reynard's THE PRINCE (Florentine Series 0.5) Review

In 1870 the Prince of Florence was relieved of a priceless treasure, illustrations of Dante’s Inferno by Sandro Boticelli. The Prince has searched in vain for his treas until…..
Professor Gabriel Emerson has donated his copies of Boticelli’s famous illustrations from Dante’s Inferno to the Uffizi. What Emerson doesn’t know is these are the originals and his ownership has marked him for The Prince’s revenge.

THE PRINCE is Sylvain Reynard’s debut in the paranormal genre; creating a hierarchal, elaborate, sumptuous, vampiric culture operating just below the surface our world. THE PRINCE is a short introduction to The Florentine series while also serving as a link to the contemporary Gabriel’s Inferno series.

THE PRINCE is determined to seek revenge on the Emerson’s for the theft of his precious illustrations. However; before he can execute his plan to torture and kill Gabriel there’s an assassination attempt on his life. So, first things first; he hasn’t controlled Florence for centuries by putting his desires over the city’s needs. The Prince is well aware of the value of patience. Once he discovers and neutralizes his enemy revenge will taste even sweeter.

My favorite scene is when the Prince steals away on his Triumph to the chapter house at Santa Maria Novella. This snippet reveals clues as to the Prince’s identity and whose memory is honored in the chapter house. There’s a sense that the prince may have been an important historical person before he was made vampire.

THE PRINCE definitely exhibits promise. History, mystery, and vampires…three of my favorite things. I’m excited to see where Sylvain takes the Prince in THE RAVEN (Florentine Series Bk.1).

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