Friday, January 9, 2015

DEAD SIMPLE Dylan Scott Series #5 Recommended Series

Have you discovered Dylan Scott yet?  You're missing a real treat if you haven't. The series gets better with each book & I've not been disappointed. 
There is one caveat...You have to start at the beginning. You could read DEAD SIMPLE as a stand alone but you miss sooo much if you do. Don't cheat yourself. Start with Presumed Dead and appreciate the growth of Dylan, Bev, and the rest of their family and friends.

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4.5 stars
When Frank, Dylan’s former supervisor and friend, calls to tell him about the murder of Stevie Greenwood, Dylan can’t help but take Stevie’s murder personally.  Simple Stevie, as he was known, helped Dylan on his first case. The case that gave him back his self respect and set the stage for a reconciliation with Bev. Dylan believes he owes it to Stevie to find his killer.
After Bev’s death Dylan hired a female assistant, Bobby; a petite, bossy, ball of energy. Bobby’s been an asset to the business. Her dedication allows Dylan to return to Dawson’s Clough pro bono in search of justice for Stevie.

Dylan’s mom, Vicky, has sold her flat and moved in with Dylan, Luke, and Freya. Offbeat as she is, Dylan would be completely lost without her. Sixteen year old Luke has told Dylan that he thinks they’re doing well. Everyone is moving on and that’s as it should be. It’s Dylan who’s struggling. On the surface he’s dealing but he can barely speak of Bev.  He’s just keeping it all buried as deeply as he can.  Guilt will eat you alive if you let it.
Thanks to Bobby, Dylan’s business is doing well enough to allow him to keep everyone fed, clothed, and housed. Having Bobby also allows him to escape up North. As much as he loves his children and Vicky, he needs to get away and breathe….

Dylan is back doing what he does best, discovering the truth. Stevie and his new obsession, taking pictures with his camera, seems to have been the catalyst for a mini crime spree.
DEAD SIMPLE gives Dylan, and readers, some space from the emotional trauma of Dead End feeling almost anti-climactic. That feeling doesn’t last long, though. Plenty of twists, turns, and more than one mystery satisfy the armchair sleuths’ need to give their grey cells a thorough workout.
Centering on society’s marginalized, regardless of the reason; Dylan’s investigative sojourn in Dawson’s Clough shows him at his most honest and human.
DEAD SIMPLE highlights superbly why Dylan is a perfect, albeit flawed, hero.

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