Friday, January 23, 2015

BROKEN (Edge of Darkness 2) Review

BROKEN is Berg’s book. Each chapter begins with a snippet of a song defining that chapter. No one can deny Berg is broken; the only question is if she’s broken beyond repair. Berg is fighting the darkness that led her to self-harm in the misguided belief that she’s worthless and what she deserves. Though she’s mistaken in her personal value, Berg has excellent instincts when it comes to justice and who’s guilty. The easing of the hateful, harmful voices in her head is countered by an increased thirst for Justice; the end justifies the means justice. Berg speaks and acts for those who can longer do so for themselves.

Readers see more of Berg and her struggles against the self-loathing and her budding hope for a form of normalcy. Is she capable of a normal relationship with Jay? Can she maintain her recovery or will she fall off the wagon, sliding down into that dark abyss again?

Jay has been bumped to Captain of the 12th and Berg has a new partner, Detective Marco Arena. At first meeting Arena is grating but his exposure to Berg and events develop him into a likeable character worthy of being Berg’s partner.

Assistant State’s Attorney Carla Maroney is one character I never warmed to. She immediately has it in for Berg. All those derogatory terms used for overtly ambitious women fit Carla to a tee. Selfish unbridled ambition that cares for nothing and no one isn’t a trait I admire regardless of gender. Carla’s a thorn in Berg’s side, beginning to end.

Consiglio is back, demoted but still after Jay and Berg.

BROKEN lacks the levels of darkness and intensity that characterized The Enemy Inside which, in a sense is a relief, such levels are exhausting. If forced to choose one word to classify BROKEN it would be frustration. Unlike The Enemy Inside we know who the bad guys are but it’s proving it that remains elusive for Berg and Arena. Two horrific murder cases with the perpetrators mocking the law at every turn. Berg seems to run into brick walls every which way she turns. Events and people appear to conspire to force her back into her old self-destructive habits. With more innocent lives at stake will she and Arena see justice prevail? Readers won’t want to miss the second in Ms. Skye’s Edge of Darkness trilogy. 

4 stars

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