Thursday, November 27, 2014

Shelley K. Wall on Meeting Mr. Right, FIND ME & giveaway

Meeting Mr. Right sometimes happens when you don’t even know who you’re seeking. Many moons ago, I had been dumped by a person I thought was the one and feeling rather low. Ironically I can’t even remember what he looks like now. It was Halloween and my sister was going dancing with a group of friends. Being the natural care-taker she is, she insisted that I go along. She wouldn’t take any argument. We ended up at a dance place where the security staff wore playboy bunny costumes and the largest high heels I’ve seen EVER. You have no idea how funny it is to watch a man walk in heels and try to be tough. All I wanted to do was squeeze that little white powder puff on his backside but my sister wouldn’t let me. She threatened to ditch me if I did.
My sister and her friends were meeting a group of guys they deemed “nice, not exceptional looking, but love to dance” which sounded like F.U.N. to me. There were four of them—and all rated high on my looks scale so I have always teased her about her standards. After speaking and dancing with one gentleman for a while, his good friend leaned in front of him and grabbed my hand. He yanked me up and said, “You look like you need to dance and Mike here is talking your ear off—let’s go.” Mike called him a not-so-nice name or two as we stepped onto the dance floor and stayed there for the next three songs. That’s how I met my future husband and best friend. We were having such a great time, it never occurred to me he actually liked me for more than just a dance partner.
My latest release, Find Me, uses one of my favorite tropes – Friends to Lovers. Amanda Gillespie was friends with Jackson for years before he had her fired from his company’s legal department. Apparently, she was too attached. In an attempt to make things right, or just tick her off, he set her up with his best friend. Jackson, however, couldn’t seem to adjust to anyone else being involved with Amanda and though he tries to help her win his friend, Carter, over-he’s more trouble than help.

Find Me
Jackson was good at pushing Amanda’s buttons – making her do things her sensible mind abhorred—but was cheating on a friend part of the agenda? Would he go that far? When his best friend has the girl he’s always wanted, how far will Jackson go to tempt her away?
Jackson Holstenar owes his childhood to his best friend Carter, the closest thing he’d had to a brother. Amanda Gillespie’s in serious need of adventure—according to her friend Darlene. After losing her job a year earlier then hiring on with another law office, she hasn’t taken her eyes off work in months. Until the man behind her job loss shows up at the adventure club meeting Darlene dared her to attend—Jackson Holstenar.
When Jackson’s father suffers a stroke, he has to drop his carefree attitude and take over the family company’s helm. He turns to Amanda to help unravel a contract problem at work and fixes her up with his best friend who’s ready to start a relationship. Can Jackson work alongside her again without losing her?
Can Amanda keep her work life out of her personal life and keep Jackson on the friendship track?

Friends to lovers?  In love with your best friends lover?  How do these tropes work for you?  Shelley's offering one (1) commenter an ecopy of FIND ME. Giveaway ends @ 12 am est 11-30-14 so be sure & check back to see if you're the winner or leave your contact email in your post. Good luck y'all!

Shelley grew up in Missouri, graduated from Oklahoma State University, and took post graduate courses from OSU and the University of Wyoming. She's a member of RWA, Sisters In Crime (SinC), The Literary Guild, and Houston Writer’s Guild. She writes daily, striving to perfect a voice that supplies enjoyable and romantic reads. She has yet to meet a person she doesn't like or a job that's not worth enjoying. She writes with humor, drama, and a desire to share life's precious moments. Shelley currently lives in Texas with her family.

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  1. I do like friends to lovers story. Not sure about taking your best friends lover though.