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Claire Abbey is a thirty-nine year old single mom.  She’s also a writer and music critic who’s just gotten the opportunity to interview her teenage rock star crush, Christopher Penman.  If she can get a real interview out of Chris she can land the cover of Rolling Stone, quite a coup and much-needed jolt for her career.  Claire has chosen to raise her daughter in Chapel Hill, NC instead of New York or LA.  With college looming on the horizon she needs all the help she can get.
Will Claire be able to maintain a professional attitude and distance or will her inner lust filled fan girl rule the day?
British rock star Christopher Penman is/was a member of BanksForest, Claire’s favorite band in high school her crush.  He’s well known for his dislike of writers and the press.  Chris is fresh out of an acrimonious divorce after a joint stint in rehab.  With a new album to promote he has to meet the press and make an effort, no choice really.  Will he live up to any of Claire’s fantasies regarding him?  Will he be a total git? The possibilities are endless.
Claire panned Chris’s last solo album.  Will this create friction?  Will she get a personal interview that delves beneath the surface?  Will she be able to string more than two words together in a cohesive fashion?
You’ll just have to read BRING ME BACK to answer these questions and more.
What woman hasn’t fantasized about meeting the sexy musician she swooned over and dreamed about in high school?  Who did you daydream about?  The drummer who established the beat, the bassist who held the bottom, the lead guitarist who led the rhythm, or the charismatic lead singer strutting all over the stage?
Ms.Booth brings every woman’s fantasy to vibrant Technicolor life in BRING ME BACK.  Kicking it up a notch or five she moves the mirage from the fantastical into the realm of the possible and doable.  Hang on for an exciting, sexy, humorous and convincing dream come true read.
Here are a few of my favorite snippets…
Hilarious and so true of women.
Chris introduced me to Francesca and I knew at once that she was appraising both my clothes and me. She may have been stunning, but I doubted she could keep up with me intellectually and she had a bony butt. Mine might be better described as perky, thanks to a lot of hard work, but still, I was glad to be wearing good shoes.  
Under the heading of “you learn something new everyday” guys really wonder about their butts too?
He checked out his butt in the mirror. “These don’t give me a square bottom, do they?” He wagged his hips and smiled at me again. “These will work bloody well.” He stepped back into the dressing room and zipped the curtain closed.
Who knew?  I have three sons and didn’t know this.
No wonder I was so tired. My misery was about more than losing him; I missed the parts of me that he took with him, everything I’d never get back.
This is so true, curled up in a sobbing sopping wet ball with Rod Stewart singing I Don’t Wanna Talk About It playing in the background is the way it always played out for me, regardless of age.
There are so many passages and quotes that the easiest way is to just recommend reading the book.  Ms.Booth has managed to put into words fantasies, thoughts and emotions so I found myself saying, “Yes, exactly!”
The characters and situations all felt natural and true, no forcing or jarring moments.
The supporting cast is worthy of Chris and Claire; giving dimension, comedic relief, angst and occasional grief expanding the scope of their story.  The secondary characters keep the story grounded and prevent it from being solely centered on Chris and Claire.  At their age there are others to be considered after all.  My only gripe, and it’s a small one, is that we get to meet Claire’s family but never Chris’.  They’re mentioned in passing only despite the feeling that he loves them and they’re close.
For a feel good, romantic (without being annoyingly so), fantasy come true read you have to give BRING ME BACK a go.  It’s one for my keeper shelf.

4 stars
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