Sunday, September 14, 2014

a triple knot My thoughts... A TRIPLE KNOT is the factually based fictional account of the life of Joan of Kent from her eleventh year until early in her marriage to Prince Edward.   Thanks to THE TRIPLE KNOT I spent an enjoyable weekend experiencing the fourteenth century vicariously through Joan of Kent. It’s an undeniable joy to be caught up and swept away by a story.  That’s especially true in historical fiction because it actually is all in the detail. Ms. Campion gets the details right, adding just enough to evoke time and place without devolving into a dusty, dry history lesson, sweetened with a dash of realistic imagining to fill in the blank spaces.    Joan of Kent was already an intriguing woman but Ms. Campion’s conceptualization of Joan’s life, built around known historical facts, makes for a fascinatingly compelling read. Pageantry, squalor, love, passion, obsession, treachery, it’s all here and more. A TRIPLE KNOT follows Joan from her early clandestine marriage to Thomas Holland at twelve to her third and final marriage to Prince Edward. Steadfast, strong, courageous, and determined, Joan, as depicted in A TRIPLE KNOT, is worthy of respect and admiration. The ending sent a chill down my spine and left me wanting more. I’d never read Ms. Campion before but with Joan’s story she’s secured a place on my short auto-buy list.  Readers who enjoy their historical fiction based on real people and firmly grounded in fact can’t go wrong with A TRIPLE KNOT. 4.5 stars Amazon

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