Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One of my favorite historical periods is the 20's & 30's.   The Depression juxtaposed with the sense that if you were audacious enough, anything goes & anything was possible.  Any time after this really doesn't interest me, historically.  This was, for me, the last of the magical eras; add noir to that & I'm so there.  For those who feel likewise,  THE YANKEE CLUB is for you.  Enjoy.... Yankee-Club-with-the-rose Jake Donovan, author of the popular Blackie Doyle mystery series, returns to New York on business.  He’s barely back when the personal reasons he left New York for slap him in the face, his former partner, Mickey, dies right in front of him, he’s shot in the leg, and to add insult to injury, is accused of murder.  It’s great to be back. Jake has to find Mickey’s killer, clear his name, stop a conspiracy, and save Laura, the only woman he’s ever loved.  If he’s really lucky he might even win her back.  With the help of old childhood buddies and a new friend or two it should be a piece of cake…Really… THE YANKEE CLUB is a thoughtfully conceived and executed historical mystery with shades of noir set in New York during the 1930’s, a fascinating era.  The blending of factual and fictional events and people adds a degree of “it could’ve happened like this” while plenty of twists, turns, and action set a fast pace.  The mystery savvy will figure it out quickly.  In fact, it wasn’t the “who, what, & why” but “how the devil do they prove & stop it” that kept me glued. Some of the characters leaned toward stereotypical; a bit more depth would have been preferable.  However; they’re still a charming and likeable bunch I look forward to joining on their next adventure. Do Jake & Laura have what it takes to join the ranks of fictions beloved sleuthing couples?  Only time will tell but they’re off to a promising start. 4 Stars

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