Sunday, July 20, 2014

Love a good cozy in an idyllic English village?  So do I.  cherringham mys at manor
My thoughts  Jack and Sarah are back.  When Victor, the elderly owner of the local manor, Mogdon House, dies in a suspicious fire his carer, Hope, asks Sarah to look into it.   Victor may have been old but he was still sharp as a tack. Physically he needed assistance on the stairs so why was he found in the “off limits” room at the top of the house?  Why would he go up instead of down on his chair and out of the house?  Confusion?  How did a fire erupt in an electrical outlet in a largely unused room?  Who could’ve wanted Victor out of the way?  His grasping children?    In Episode Two we learn more about Cherringham and meet more of its inhabitants.  Sarah and Jack reach some unexpected and startling conclusions in this bittersweet episode.   MYSTERY AT THE MANOR is proof that short doesn’t equate to a lack of any of the aspects needed to draw and hold a reader until the final word is read.  However, I do recommend reading the episodes in order to appreciate the growth of the village, the characters, and their relationships. 4 Stars  

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