Friday, June 20, 2014

Y'all know my reading is eclectic.  The mind is a fascinating thing & while I've never agreed with Freud or thought much of him, DREAMING FOR FREUD sounded interesting.  Have any of you read it?  Wanna discuss your thoughts?  
Here's mine.... dreamFreud My thoughts 3.5 stars
DREAMING FOR FREUD is Sheila Kohler’s intimate conjecture of Dora (Freud’s best known patient) and Freud, their time together, influence on each other, and lives after their final meeting focusing mainly on Dora.  
DREAMING FOR FREUD has left me in two minds.  Freud and Dora came across as selfish, vain,  and manipulative.   Freud wasn’t the least altruistic regarding his patients.  He was concerned mainly with the opportunity for academic writings they provided and, of course, financial remuneration.  Freud was primarily concerned with Freud.  I didn’t like him even a little bit.  Dora is seeking attention and validation that she’s been terribly wronged by the adults in her life, and apologies.  She manipulates Freud, yanking his chain whenever possible.   Freud’s answer to everything is sex in some shape, form, or fashion.  Ms. Kolhler’s writing kept me reading despite finding neither character the least appealing.  I had to know the where, how, and conclusion.  I confess the section titled December 1945, the last section, is my favorite part of the book.  So much life, living, and revelation are succinctly summarized while Dora lies on her death bed.  At the end, with her life behind her, I found Dora to be a rather tragic figure.  You can visit Sheila   Amazon     B&N

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