Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A bit ago the Book Nook featured Cate Beauman's L.A. Bodyguards series in anticipation of JUSTICE FOR ABBY, 6th in the series.  Cate & her series are new for me.  I was nervous about coming in so far into the series but it really wasn't a problem.   Have any of y'all read the series?  Thoughts?  Agree or disagree? Justice For Abby_ebook_1600
Abigail Harris is trying to live her life normally after her rescue from the Mid-Atlantic Sex Ring.  She’s designing for Lily Brand and living under the radar, guarded 24/7 by former U.S. Marshal, Jerrod Quinn while waiting to testify at a sex ring member’s trial.  Renzo, a man Abby had considered a friend and the man responsible for her abduction.  Abby’s testimony has the ability to bring down the whole operation.  Dimitri Dubov, head of the ring, is as cold as they come and willing to do anything, even murder innocents, to prevent Abby from ever reaching the court room.  No witness, no case, no trial and they continue their reign of terror for profit.    
JUSTICE FOR ABBY takes place after Abby’s rescue from the Mid-Atlantic Sex Ring ran by Dimitri Dubov.  Readers witness Abby’s abduction and then it flashes forward to Abby after her rescue.  Ms. Beaumann doesn’t delve deeply into the horrors Abby witnessed and endured during her imprisonment, however enough is revealed in flashbacks there’s no doubt about the heinousness. Ms. Beaumann successfully highlights the abhorrent kidnapping of young women for sex trafficking while conveying hope and the resiliency of the human spirit via Abby’s courage, determination, and kindness.   This is my first L.A. Bodyguards book so I have no knowledge of the background to any of the characters prior to JUSTICE FOR ABBY.  I found Abby and Jerrod to be well developed, likeable, and appealing.  Abby’s healing progression is believable as is her dependence on and trust in Jerrod.  Their relationship and its development make sense.  The secondary characters are as finely drawn as Abby and Jerrod, in fact Shelby personifies, “hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”   The only fly in my ointment, so to speak, was a small detail regarding an article about a missing Las Vegas woman.  I had to wonder why this didn’t set off alarm bells with anyone in Ethan Cooke Security, Jerrod, or Abby.   JUSTICE FOR ABBY has it all.  Danger and suspense with Dimitri’s ruthless pursuit of Abby while shedding much needed light and awareness on the all too real crime of sex trade trafficking, with a dollop of romance to soften the edges a bit.  If you want to spice up your summer romance reading list, consider adding JUSTICE FOR ABBY to your list. 4 stars Kindle Edition   Barnes & Noble  iTunes iBook   Paperback Visit Cate     FB    Twitter

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