Saturday, May 3, 2014

Regan Samuels is a divorced single mom to Luke, her teenage son.  Her divorce is fairly recent and fresh in her mind so she has no interest in dating when her best friend convinces her to be part of a “singles” auction for charity; Josh Gregory is the winning bidder. Despite her attraction to him when Josh reveals he’s a youth minister it throws Regan for a serious loop.  Josh is all about his faith and Regan has none. PREACHER MAN is a sweet Christian romance read.  Josh rides a motorcycle, easily relates to the teens he ministers to, and is a gentleman to the core. He relies on his faith and God to show him the way in all things, including his relationship with Regan. Regan believes the only one she can rely on is herself.  Two disparate people who fall in love but their differences might prove too much for Regan to move beyond. There was an incident between Regan and Josh that gave me pause. Regan tells Josh that she lost her faith at ten while in confession and that her parents never encouraged etc..her to have faith.  For Regan to make it to the point of confession required serious parental involvement as there are several steps before confession and parents must be involved for those requirements to be met.  Josh’s expression, when she tells him this, wasn’t what I would hope for from a minister.  It struck me as judgmental of the faiths that utilize the sacrament of confession and bothered me, especially when he’s so forgiving otherwise and elsewhere. PREACHER MAN does has a lovely message about letting go and relying on and trusting in God to see you through.  I can totally get behind that.  If you’re looking for romance that’s Godcentric, PREACHER MAN should be on your list.
3.5 stars


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