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HRH and I had such an enjoyable time together reading about Doc and Jeffrey's adventures. THE ADVENTURES OF DOC HOLLIDAY HENNINGS reminds me of the stories we read or were read to us. There are some fairly serious issues brought up, but in a way that children should be able to relate to and handle.  HRH had some great questions, and she did enjoy Doc's "handling" of King. There's balance and the illustrations are lovely.  My rating is a 4.

HRH did "read" Doc Holliday to me from what she remembered and the pictures, but every time Papa tried to capture it she stopped. Wish we were able to share that too, but this was the most we could get. Who knew a camera could make Ms. Chatty so quiet.

So, for those who'd like to share Doc and his friends with their young readers, TK and Jennifer have graciously offered a copy for us to give away.  Please comment below (leave your email for contact purposes in case you win) with a favorite book from your childhood, whether read to you or one you read yourself.  Good luck y'all!

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Be sure and check back for HRH Gwendolyn's video where she 
shares her thoughts on THE ADVENTURES OF DOC HOLLIDAY HENNGINGS. Her review will also feature a giveaway!

THE ADVENTURES OF DOC HOLLIDAY HENNGINGS was inspired by single father and author, TK Bethea and his search for a relatable story for his dauther aided by the lively illustrations of Corey Wolfe. Doc Holliday is an energetic pup in a cowboy hat runs away on a mission to find his biological canine family, with the aide of his surly squirrel friend. In the streets and further away from home than ever, they encounter a world of trouble as his human family attempt to reunite and bring him home. Based off experiences of TK’s own childhood dog, the story’s underlying themes include adoptive/blended families, mixed cultural upbringings, running away and bullying through fun stories, characters and situations.

TK Bethea is a songwriter and storyteller, he currently lives in Queens, New York.  THE ADVENTURES OF DOC HOLLIDAY HENNGINGS is a story that flows like an artitist painting on a canvas, written in the style of a nonconventional storyteller with a heavy background in music, and songwriting. Website:

1. How did the real Doc Holliday come into your life and who named him?

After years of begging, perfect grades and displays of responsibility my parents finally agreed to let me have a dog to help with the transition of my older brother going away to college - seeing how I cried when he got his own room. We went to an animal shelter in Long Island and perused the puppy section until I found eyes that I couldn't resist. Because he was so young at the time and was a rescue we didn't even know what breed he was, initially. Which actually plays a part in the story of the book.

Once we adopted him, I named him after Val Kilmer's Tombstone rendition of Doc Holliday. He was educated, well skilled at his craft and despite being in ill health, he would fight for his friends tooth and nail to protect them.

2.Parents often use pets to teach children about responsibility, and eventually, loss and death. From personal experience, pets teach so much more than that. What did Doc teach you as a child?

Doc taught me the importance of dependence. As a child you don't appreciate the things your parents or guardians do for you. You take for granted their hard work and sacrifices. Things as simple as feedings make you think twice before you turn your nose up at the carrots on your plate or snarl "spaghetti again" that someone cooked after a full day of work.

Not to mention, the co-dependency of making someone happy. You go from caring about yourself to concerning yourself with the happiness and well being of another and receiving what seems like an unconditional love in return.

3. Why did you choose Doc rather than another character?

Doc was always the driving force in my mind. The initial spark to the inferno that is my imagination. He was the realistic cornerstone of my experiences. As a child, I got to sit back and watch his interactions with a squirrel (or squirrels) and just enjoy running and jumping. In my mind, that was a playmate for him. Thus, the Penelope character.

However, the title could have just as easily become 'The Adventures of Jeffrey Hennings.' Jeffrey's relationships - whether with Doc or his father, Richard, are just important to the story and my concerns in life as well. Whether it was as a child or as a parent. I think Doc moved to the forefront because focusing on human characters forces a lot on outward appearances and narrows the mind.

4. How did you arrive at what you wanted to teach your daughter with Doc?

Necessity. That's the simplest way to put it. As changes came along in our life, they needed to be addressed. It's hard to think about having a "sit down" talk as a parent but if you could get the message through without the child knowing, its a win-win. I call it the Miyagi. Wax on, wax off!

5. The cover is precious and hints at what's inside. Who selected Corey Wolfe to illustrate?

Fate. I searched so many illustrators looking for a particular fluidity in style, then I came Corey Wolfe's work. Not only did his portfolio and resume to be praised but his own personal paintings and bio portrayed a depth I could associate with. When I contacted him, his communication and energy paralleled my own. He read the manuscript, we discussed the characters and scenes - we meshed.
6. Is Doc going to be a series or will you expand on another character in his book?

The website,, has a blog section that will feature a collective of short stories. It features the different characters in their own stories. Some are origin stories, others are side stories that connect to the book. As far as a full length, as you read the collective you'll see that there is potential to go in either directions. I guess, time will tell.

Appreciate your taking the time to visit. I'm looking forward to reading Doc with HRH, my granddaughter, and having her "read" his adventure back to me.

Thank you for having, me. I appreciate you reading the book the way it's meant to be, as a bonding experience. While I hope you BOTH enjoy the adventure, I take satisfaction in knowing it will forever be a memory and experience you share together. 

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SECRETS HIDDEN IN THE GLASS, Cate Beauman's first standalone with GIVEAWAY!

Bestselling author Cate Beauman is back with her 12th full length novel and her first stand-alone title: Secrets Hidden In the Glass.

Her multi award-winning Bodyguards of L.A. County series has over 500,000 copies sold and a 4.4 rating with 8000+ reviews.

Buy It Now!

Stained glass artist Callie Davis is in desperate need of a vacation. Burnt out and on the edge of a nervous breakdown, she’s fleeing the pressures of her career and is taking refuge on Massachusetts’ tiny Carter Island. Callie yearns for long, lazy days and pretty walks on the beach—blessed solitude and an escape from the complications of her life. Then she bumps into gorgeous Nate Carter and everything changes.

Sheriff Nathan Carter couldn’t be happier now that the height of the summer season has finally come and gone. After four endless months, tourists have packed their bags and headed for the mainland. The quiet days of autumn are about to befall the town—the way Nate and his fellow Sandersonians like it best. 

But nothing ends up quite the way Nate expects when he meets the beautiful blonde with the big blue eyes. Callie’s pretty smiles hide secrets—deep, dark mysteries that could cost them both their lives if they continue digging into the past and cross a killer’s path.

The Inspiration Behind Secrets Hidden In The Glass:
I always find the process of writing fascinating—imagining words and thoughts into subsistence that had once only existed in my head. Oftentimes, the undertaking is daunting. Months of research, careful plotting, planning, character development, and revising go into every page. There are many moments of doubt and worry. On occasion, there’s even a triumph or two. But finally, you type The End and you realize you’ve created a miracle of sorts—a story to share with your eager readers who are always waiting for what’s next. 
I had such fun telling Nate and Callie’s adventure. There was something extra enjoyable about bringing Sanderson, Massachusetts to life—the fictitious, tiny town on the equally made-up Carter Island. Imagine dreaming up a beachy setting that gets to be exactly what you want it to be. Add a group of intriguing (and on occasion quirky) characters. Throw plenty of steamy romance and several sprinkles of mystery and suspense into the mix and you’ve got yourself one heck of a good time. 
I hope you’ll enjoy Secrets Hidden In The Glass as much as I enjoyed telling it.

Read an excerpt from Secrets Hidden In The Glass:

They started walking again, and a wave rushed up, washing over their feet.
Callie gasped and stepped farther away. “Oh, my God, that’s cold.” 
Like ice water, but Nate shrugged. “It’s not so bad.”
She looked at him as if he were crazy. “It’s freezing.”
“It usually is for most mainlanders—blood’s too thin.”
She stopped in her tracks and pushed her sunglasses onto her head, rewarding him with a look at her big baby blues. “Are you suggesting that mainlanders are wimps?” 
“I’m not trying to hurt your feelings or anything…” He shrugged again, struggling not to smile. “But you’re the one who can’t get your feet wet.”
She splashed her foot in the surf as the next wave started receding. 
He chuckled, thrilled that Callie seemed willing to play. “That’s not showing me much.” 
She walked closer to the water, adding both feet this time. 
He came up next to her and took her hand, pulling her toward the actual Atlantic. “In up to your knees for three good waves.”
She hesitated. 
He sent her a wry smile. “See? Wimp.”
She grinned. “All right. Three good waves.”
“You’re on.” He walked out with her, clenching his jaw against the bone-numbing cold, fighting the urge to swear.
She gasped, then squealed as the first wave rushed past their calves. 
“We’ll count that as one,” he yelled over the pounding water, still walking farther out with her. “And here comes the next.” He braced himself, gripping her hand tighter as the current came in with a powerful rush and nailed them thigh-level. 
Callie screamed as she laughed and made a move to head to shore. 
He laughed too, pulling her back and bringing her closer to him. “Where do you think you’re going?” 
“It’s too cold,” she screeched. 
“I don’t think so, mainlander.” He hooked his arm around her midsection and held her in front of him as the next wave came in and sent a steamroll of water crashing into their waists. 
She screamed again, gripping his forearm as if her life depended on it, and threw her head back on a long peel of laughter.
He let loose his own deep belly laugh, loving the way she sounded—that he could smell her flowery shampoo as she rested her body against his. That they were having fun. 
“Nate,” she fought to say. “Let’s get out of here.”
He took her hand and they ran as best they could toward shore. 
She stumbled as they made their way to the ankle-deep water. “Cramp. My toes are cramping.”
He moved to take her weight and carried her more than walked with her to the loose, warm sand free from the surf. “Bend your foot forward until it passes,” he said, slightly out of breath.
She did as he told her. 
She nodded her head as her teeth chattered and goosebumps puckered her skin. 
“Works every time.” 
“Your toes cramp too?”
“Hell, yeah. That water’s like an ice bath. I never go in without a wetsuit.” 
Her eyes went huge as she gaped at him. “What are you talking about? What happened to your thick, native Sandersonian blood?”
He chuckled, enjoying the gorgeous woman who’d forgotten she was shy. “My blood’s probably right on par with yours. I just wanted to get you out there.”
She laughed and swatted at him. “That’s a dirty trick.”

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Did you enjoy the excerpt?  You can read the first chapter on my website,, or you can finish the whole book with the links below! 

About the author:

 International bestselling author Cate Beauman is known for her full-length, action-packed romantic suspense series, The Bodyguards of L.A. County. Her novels have been nominated for the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award, National Indie Excellence Award, Golden Quill Award, Writers Touch Award, Aspen Gold Award, Heart of Excellence Award, and have been named Readers Favorite Five Star books. In 2017 FINDING LYLA was chosen as the Booksellers Best Award Winner, the Maggie Award For Excellence, and received the Holt Medallion Award. REAGAN'S REDEMPTION and ANSWERS FOR JULIE were selected as rare co-winners of the Aspen Gold Award in 2016. JUSTICE FOR ABBY received the 2015 Readers' Favorite International Book Award Gold Medal, while SAVING SOPHIE took the Silver Medal. SAVING SOPHIE was also selected as the 2015 Readers Crown Award winner for Romantic Suspense and FALLING FOR SARAH received the silver medal for the 2014 Readers' Favorite Awards.

Cate makes her home in North Carolina with her husband, two boys, and their St. Bernards, Bear and Jack.



For a limited time: new subscribers will receive a free copy of Morgan’s Hunter and Falling For Sarah, books one and two in the Bodyguards of L.A. County Series!

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Alyson McLayne's HIGHLAND PROMISE & Giveaway!


Pub Date: October 3, 2017

ISBN: 9781492654506

Five boys destined to become Highland lairds are fostered together as brothers. Darach, Lachlan, Callum, Gavin and Kerr fight for their clans, for each other, and for their own true loves.

When forced to choose between duty and honor…

Darach MacKenzie vowed never again to let a woman near his heart after his betrothed betrayed him. It sparked an intense feud between his clan and the Frasers. With all-out war on the wind, Darach can’t be distracted—not even by a sweet and charming lass who desperately needs his help.

This Highland Laird will find a way to have both

When Darach rescued Caitlin MacInnes from the clutches of vile Laird Fraser, she vowed to never let men or misery rule her life again. With Darach and the MacKenzie clan, Caitlin finally feels safe. But when Laird Fraser shows up to claim what’s rightfully his, or go to war, Darach will have to use all his brawn and brains to protect Caitlin—even if it means losing his heart.

“Do you think a lass like you with a horse like Cloud will even make it to Inverness without being accosted? You have no coin, no sword, no one to show you the way. ’Tis a fool’s journey. For the love of God, stay here.”

“I canna!”

“Why e’re not?”

The familiar panic that she tried so hard to tamp down pushed up from her belly and threatened to close her throat. “My uncle and Fraser—they’ll find me. I willna go back! I’ll be free of them in France.”

“Nay, Caitlin, you’ll be abused or raped or dead in France—if you even get there. You’ll only be safe if you stay with the MacKenzies. ’Tis all right to be afraid, lass. You survived a horrendous ordeal. But you must think clearly. You canna go to France.”

“Am I your prisoner, then?”

He reared back from her. “Nay, of course not.”

“So if I wanted to ride Cloud through the gates tonight, I could?”

“You would die.”

“But would you let me pass, if ’twas what I truly wanted?”

His eye twitched steadily, along with a muscle in his jaw. Finally he said, “I took an oath to keep you safe, lass, but aye, you could leave. You can leave. But not alone. I will send men with you who know the way and will keep the brigands at bay.”

So he wouldnae control her, lock her away as her uncle had done.

The pressure inside her eased, and on a half sob, half laugh, she threw her arms around his shoulders, impulsively pressing her lips to his. They were as soft as she’d imagined. He stiffened for an instant, then wrapped her in his embrace, one hand sinking into her hair, the other sliding downward to anchor their hips together. A rumble sounded in his chest, and he angled his head, licking the seam of her lips. When she gasped in surprise, he slipped his tongue inside her mouth to rub against hers. Heat scorched her skin at the contact, and her breasts tightened—hard and aching. If he hadn’t been holding her, she would have collapsed to the floor like a rag doll.

The brush fell from her fingers and crashed to the floor. He yanked his head back, lids heavy, breath harsh and quick. Her own breath rasped in her throat.

“You shouldnae have done that, Caitlin.” His voice grated like he’d swallowed a handful of gravel.

A wave of remorse washed over her. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just so happy. It willna happen again, I promise. Please, doona send me back.”

He groaned and pulled her close, tucking her head beneath his chin. “I willna send you anywhere, sweetling. No matter what you do. ’Tis just…you are such an innocent. I doona think you understand…”

Caitlin waited for him to finish. His hand stroked her hair, and she melted into him. She wanted him to keep caressing down her spine to her bottom. “Understand what?”

He sighed. “My point exactly. Most women wouldnae have to ask. ’Tis troublesome.”

“I’m sorry,” she said again, wavering between self-pity and annoyance. “I did not know my gratitude was so unwelcome.”

“That was not gratitude.” Now he sounded annoyed. He tilted her chin up with his finger so she looked at him. “Have you ne’er been kissed before?”

Heat flooded her cheeks. She tried to turn away, but he held her tight. “’Tis not your business. I willna tell you.”

“Aye, you will.”

She stepped on his foot, so he’d release her, but instead he wrapped his leg around hers. Trapped and off balance, she clung to him.

“Caitlin,” he prompted.

Her lips pressed together. It was mortifying that, at almost twenty, she’d only been kissed once—by an ogre who’d just told her not to do it again.

The ogre tipped her back farther.

“Hundreds of times,” she said.

“I doona think so. I think your father kept a good eye on you, and then your uncle locked you up. You know naught of kissing or anything else.”

“Fine. I have ne’er been kissed properly, but two did try. The first my father caught before the lad could do more than hold my hand. He was flung from the barn onto his backside. The second I kneed in his privates, a trick my father taught me after the first lad’s failed attempt. In return for my actions, I received this.” Caitlin pointed to her bruised temple.

“Fraser,” Darach ground out, then yanked her into a hug so tight she could scarcely breathe.

For someone who did not want her touch, he held her very close. What was the difference between a hug and a kiss? Surely they were just as intimate. So much so that if her father had seen them, he’d have done much more than throw Darach out onto his backside.

“Did you get him good?” he asked.

“Aye. He fell to his knees, then onto his side and curled up like a bairn. When he could finally stand, he hit my face and then my belly while his men held me. I fainted shortly after. I think maybe he kicked me too, for I have a large bruise on my hip and one on my thigh.”

“I will kill him.” He grasped her waist and gently moved her back to look down at her torso, as if to see the damage.

She moaned again, but this time from fear. “I doona want you hurt. Any of you.”

“He dared lay hands upon you, Caitlin. For that alone, I will gut him. None hurt what is mine to protect.”

Hello Lovely Readers!! 

My name is Alyson McLayne, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to introduce you to my book, HIGHLAND PROMISE, a Scottish Highlander Romantic Adventure! 

It’s the first book in my historical romance series, THE SONS OF GREGOR MACLEOD, starring five Highland Lairds, who were fostered together as lads to become brothers. Darach, Lachlan, Callum, Gavin, and Kerr fight for their clans, for each other, and for their own true love.

These Highland Lairds are a band of brothers, who will defend each other to the death—if they don’t kill each other first with their sharp wit and hilarious banter. They take their oaths seriously, whether it’s to bring peace to the Highlands and defend one another as friends and allies, or to razz each other so hard, only one brother is left standing—and then they’ll take him down too.

And the women they love? They have spirit, and tenacity, and they take care of others before they take care of themselves. They’re all different—their backgrounds, their struggles, their interests and talents—but at the core of each woman is a strength, compassion, and a capacity to love that brings their man to his knees. 

Totally. Slayed.

Before I tell you about HIGHLAND PROMISE, here’s a little about me. I live on the west coast of Canada with my adorable (aka annoying) 5 year old boy/girl twins; my sweet yet sarcastic husband (who just said he’s not sarcastic at all, he’s ironic!); my counter-surfing puppy, Jasper, who turns one year old the same day HIGHLAND PROMISE debuts (Happy Birthday, baby!!); and my 86 year old dad who gets a look on his face every time it’s mentioned there are—gasp—sex scenes in my books…but then goes on to tell me young people (meaning me) did not invent sex.

Ears…burning…must pour…hot oil…inside…

Speaking of ears, as I’m writing this, I have ear plugs in because my son is beside me in my office (aka my bedroom) building a fort under the covers on the bed, while my Slytherin-declaring daughter waits to knock it down, which results in WW3; Jasper hovers at the edge, barking, until he can’t stand it anymore and jumps onto the bed with the monsters, er, I mean children; my husband comes in and says something “ironic” about the chaos; and I stare fiercely at my computer screen determined to ignore it ALL—and thanking God my dad can turn his hearing aids OFF. 

Just grist for the mill…grist for the mill…said all writer-moms everywhere.

Okay. Onto the important part: HIGHLAND PROMISE! I started writing HIGHLAND PROMISE almost 10 years ago after reading ALL of Julie Garwood’s medieval-set historicals, most of which were set in the Highlands. I LOVED them. I don’t read a lot of books over and over, but I did hers. I found them completely captivating.

I think HIGHLAND PROMISE captures that same tone and spirit: Caitlin MacInnes is the archetypal Waif/Free Spirit who turns the archetypal Chieftain, Laird Darach MacKenzie’s life upside down—and then spins it around and dribbles with it for a while. As Lachlan MacKay, Darach’s foster-brother, says of Darach’s and Caitlin’s courtship: 

“I doona know when I’ve laughed so much as watching Darach trying to control [Caitlin] over the past few weeks. Her intentions are good, but she’s trouble. It follows her around like a faithful hound.”

Darach is undone by her. His heart, which he swore he’d NEVER give to another woman, is torn from his body and becomes putty in her hands. Of course, he doesn’t know that at first, and even when he finally figures it out, he doesn’t tell her—he’s a warrior, a leader of his people, not a poet. And Caitlin, who is determined to make Darach happy whether he wants her to or not, doesn’t believe there’s any possible way she can stay with him. She needs to leave the Highlands immediately and find her mother’s family in France.

’Cause there’s a whole lotta trouble on her tail (some might call it a shite storm—haha!) heading straight for Darach. But what Caitlin fails to realize is that Darach, along with his brothers and their clans, is strong enough to handle it. 

War is coming. Caitlin didn’t start the blood feud between the Frasers and the MacKenzies, nay, Laird Fraser and his sister, Darach’s former betrothed, did that, but she will be the catalyst that ends it—pinning the good men of the Highlands against a monster.

And hopefully winning.

(Well of course they win, and of course Darach and Caitlin live happily ever after—it’s a romance, after all!!)

Now go—before I start rambling and give too much away. Read the words and feel the feels. Fall in love with both Darach and Caitlin…and prepare yourself for Lachlan’s story next.

Alyson McLayne

A stay-at-home mom of twins and award-winning writer, Alyson McLayne is a dog lover and cat servant with a serious stash of dark chocolate. After getting her degree in theater at the University of Alberta, she promptly moved to the west coast where she worked in film for several years and met her Prop Master husband. Website | Twitter | Facebook